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Reach The LGBT Community with Blued – The Largest Gay Social Networking App in China

The LGBT community in China

With gays are gradually being accepted by society, the pink money market is growing globally too.

It is estimated that there are nearly 400 million LGBT people around the world. The LGBT market spend is over 3 trillion dollars annually and the pink money market in China worth 300 billion dollars. According to Witeck Communications, the ROI for advertising to the LGBT market was 153x. Hence, there are advertisers would like to target the LGBT community.

Based on the global LGBT population statistics, the LGBT population in China accounts for 6% of China’s total population, which is about 84 million people. While among the 84 million people, 72% of them is male.

In China, the top 3 gay apps are Blued, Grindr and Aloha. On Blued, 93% of the users are male, which basically has monopolised the market.

Proportion of LGBT community in China

What is Blued?

Blued, the largest gay social networking app in China. Users can make new friends, watch live content, meet hot guys, expand their LGBT network, and broadcast themselves to the largest gay-friendly live streaming audience in the world. It is also a location-based (LBS) social app, where users can look for the users nearby.

Their current number of users are 56 million and 12 million monthly active users. The average time spend on Blued is 45 minutes per day and 20% of the users spent more than 2 hours on Blued daily.

Why advertise on Blued?

Blued is recommended for advertisers who wanted to target the gay community in China.

Blued gathers male groups with strong consumption power. According to WorkForLGBT Survey, the average income of the group is 10298.03 RMB per month, which is 5 times the national average. As they do not have the burden of forming a family, raising children, buying a house, education, etc., they have more disposable income and therefore have higher consumer demand.

The platform also has a strong influential power by having various types of KOLs. Blued has more than 60 KOLs who are popular and influential in the LGBT community and all of KOLs have more than 100,000 of followers.

 In their live streaming session, the audience can send virtual gifts to the host through the in-app purchases of “beans” (beans is the digital currency of Blued). With this, some of the KOLs are earning over 1 million per month, which reflects the strong spending power of the platform users.

Demographics of Blued users

Blued users are gradually cover all cities across China. Most users are located in first-tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, etc. While there are also a certain number of users are located in developing areas.

In terms of age, more than 70% of the users are between 18 – 35 years old.

Besides, over 80% of total users are High Net Worth (HNW) users.

Blued users focus on their appearance, body, health and better life quality. Their profiles are diversified which leads to demands for different categories like skincare, fashion, sporting goods, household products, etc. Without the burden for family, they have stronger spending power for a better lifestyle.

Blued Ad Formats

  • Full-screen Banner Ad Upon App-opening
    • Lasts for 5 seconds
    • Cover whole China
    • Estimated impressions: 10 million
    • Maximize awareness for campaigns, promotions

This is a premium advertising spot, which connects brands with purely male audiences. The precise targeting helps advertisers to reach their target audience and generate new sales.

Full-screen Banner Ad Upon App-opening
News Feed Ad
  • News Feed Ad
    • Located on user-centric social networking page
    • Ad placement: 3rd post
    • Lasts for a long time
    • Millions of impressions
    • High CTR
    • Brings traffic to the brands
  • Homepage Banner Ad
    • Located on user-centric social networking page
    • Lasts for a long time
    • Millions of impressions
    • High CTR
    • Brings traffic to the brands
Homepage Banner Ad
Visitors Page Banner Ad
  • Visitors Page Banner Ad
    • Users may check their profile visitors in the Visitors page and this ad is located on the Visitors page
    • Millions of impressions
    • Suitable for promoting advertiser’s marketing campaigns, promotions
  • Profile Page Banner Ad
    • Located on the user profile page
    • Lasts for a long time
    • Millions of impressions
    • High CTR
    • Brings traffic to the brands
Profile Page Banner Ad

Case Studies of Blued

Durex – Gay Pride Month Campaign

During the gay pride month in June, Durex K-Y cooperated with Blued and launched a campaign called “More Pride with K-Y”. They utilised the resources of the platform to organise various activities that are related to the gay pride month, which attracted the attention of the gay audience and expanded the influence of Durex K-Y in the community. Total of 400 millions of impressions and 12 millions of clicks were achieved.

Durex – Gay Pride Month Campaign
Libratone – Rainbow Campaign

Libratone – Rainbow Campaign

During the Blued Carnival, Libratone Track+ cooperated with Blued and organised the event named Rainbow Campaign with the hashtag of #Libratone – show your colors#. The campaign attracted the attention of users by organising a competition and users may vote for their favourite KOLs. As a result, the attention and interest to Track+ headphones were greatly improved through the sharing of popular KOLs using the product in their daily life.

Tmall – The Ideal Life Of Gay Audience Survey Report

Blued cooperated with Tmall and released the “Ideal Life of Gay” report based on 40 million social data from the past 5 years. The report has attracted all users on the platform and generated over 143 million impressions and over 2 millions of clicks.

Tmall – The Ideal Life Of Gay Audience Survey Report
Chery Automobile – Banner Ad Upon App-opening

Chery Automobile – Banner Ad Upon App-opening

Campaign objective: Maximize impressions and to collect quality leads.

Results: The estimated CTR was 2.5%, but achieved a CTR of 5.53% in actual.

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