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China Market Research 2019 - 618 E-commerce Insights by 360

360 – 618 E-commerce Insights

618 (June 18th) is a promotional event in China created by e-commerce platforms, which has already become a once-a-year shopping carnival for netizens. It successfully reversed the low season of the retail industry in June and July, opening a new sales growth for e-commerce. If you’re interested in how to win e-commerce war, grab a piece of cake and read “2019 618 E-commerce Insights”.

Key findings:

  1. Compared to last year, mobile activity doubled and social e-commerce DAU increased by 220%.
  2. Outstanding results from warm-up activity on 6.1 (June 1st). The gap between 6.1 and 6.18 decreased from last year.
  3. General e-commerce platforms remain to be consumers’ main interest. Brand and rebate discounts platforms gained significant growth.
  4. Food and beverages category gained the largest share of all categories in page views, while sports category marked the biggest increase.
  5. Traffics on Taobao and Tmall are relatively scattered on several days, while Jindong has its peak on 618. Pinduoduo exceeded Jingdong and Tmall in overall app activation rate.
  6. Five trends from e-commerce demographic data:
    1) Majority of the users are female;
    2) Users in first/second-tier cities account for the most part, but ratio of third/below-tier cities is growing;
    3) Users’ age groups are polarized;
    4) Male users like using brand e-commerce platforms and are careful with calculation and budgeting;
    5) Female users prefer social e-commerce platforms.
360 – 618 E-commerce Insights
360 – 618 E-commerce Insights

For more information, download the full report from here. The deck is “2019 618 E-commerce Insights” by 360.

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