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China Marketing Updates

All the updates that you need to know for China Marketing

App of the month – JieMian

Jiemian News is an influential and original financial news media in China, founded by Shanghai United Media Group in September 2014. With financial and economic topics as its core, Jiemian News has four major content sections and more than 40 content channels.
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China’s Social App Overseas Trend – 2022 Edition

The “2022 Overseas Social App Mobile Advertising” data released by AppGrowing International Edition sheds light on the differences in social apps, overseas mobile advertising trends, advertisers’ key focus and creative guidelines
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2022 – 2023 China Cross-border Export E-commerce Marketing and Trends

The Morketing Research Institute conducted an industry survey on China’s cross-border export e-commerce and published the report “2022-2023 Cross-border Export E-commerce White Paper: “In Search of Certainty”. Based on this report, we have compiled various marketing highlights, future development trends, and growth strategies for cross-border export e-commerce.
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Overview of China’s Outdoor Advertising Data in 2022

This is an overview of the data compiled by CTR Media Intelligence for China’s Outdoor Advertising Data Report for the first half of 2022. Notably, all industries have been hit hard by the epidemic, leading to an overall decline in advertising market spending.
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China Football Fan Marketing Value 2022 Report by Fastdata

International football matches have become an important medium for brand marketing and an important part of the global brand marketing market, successfully representing the most dynamic growth industry in the world. The upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is one of the most important marketing opportunities in 2022.
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China Internet “Native” Gen Z Insights Report 2022 by QuestMobile

QuestMobile has released the Gen Z Insights Report 2022, which provides an in-depth analysis of the purchasing power of the “native” Gen Z, discusses Gen Z’s online behaviour and shows how Gen Z has brought about new consumption trends in the Chinese market.
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China Regulations – Measures for Security Assessment of Data Export

Welcome to our September Newsletter. We bring the latest regulatory updates as it happens in China. “Measures for Security Assessment of Data Export” has been officially implemented since Sep 1, 2022. We break down the details as it impacts all overseas advertisers.
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China Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Protection - New Measures on Cross-border Data Transfer

China Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Protection – New Measures on Cross-border Data Transfer

China Cybersecurity and data privacy update. China released new cross-border data transfer law. Affected companies are required to submit self-assessment report that provides detailed information about data export.
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App of the month – Maimai

Maimai, which is known as the China version of “LinkedIn”, was launched in October 2013. It is a real-name authentication workplace social platform used by 110 million professionals, with a “well-known professional certification” and a “personal network engine” that helps China professionals to expand their personal network, apply for jobs or recruits, and committed to...
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