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China Marketing Updates

All the updates that you need to know for China Marketing

App of the month – KEEP

Keep is a mobile fitness app launched in February 2015. Keep provides fitness teaching, running, cycling, dating and fitness diet guidance, equipment purchases, and more, providing one-stop exercise solutions.
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Alimama releases “5i Rule” 2021 – The Strongest Short Video Marketing Strategy

To help platform merchants and short video creators to better adapt to changes in short video marketing and accurately grasp opportunities, Alimama collaborated with Taobao short video and Tmall beauty industry to jointly launch a Taobao short video marketing effect evaluation system. As Taobao mobile gains popularity, so are the short videos on the platform....
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McDonald’s China replaces Mascot with “Happy Sister”

McDonald's recently launched a new two-dimensional image: Happy Sister. The image of Happy Sister is closer to the style of the popular two-dimensional idols on the Internet, and through a voting process of the nickname, it hopes to gain the attention of the younger generation.
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2020 Xiaohongshu Maternal and Child Industry Report

When we think of Xiaohongshu or Little Red Book, we immediately associate beauty & skincare product on the platform. This has created a lot of stereotypes and XHS is actively promoting other content ecology, especially maternal & infant, fashion, apparel, culture & tourism. This new report details the rapid increase in mother & baby category.
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Airbnb releases 2021 travel insights

Airbnb and Kantar, a data consulting company, jointly released 2021 China Travel Insights based on a recent survey of 1,000 Chinese travellers. Results showed that “domestic travel” continued to be a popular topic amidst the pandemic.
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Alimama releases “Marketing Insights on Spring Festival Marketing Activities”

Due to the 2020 pandemic, the Chinese celebrated an extraordinary Spring Festival, and the same festival is fast approaching in 2021. As it signifies a new start in the Chinese culture, brands and businesses pay special during this period in boosting sales.
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Douyin releases its annual data report!

As of August 2020, Douyin has 600 million daily active users, and from December, the average number of daily video searches exceeded 400 million. According to the "2020 Douyin year-end Data Report", 42,779 merchants sold over 4.1 billion yuan worth of goods on the platform in the past year and more than 5,000 craftsmen sell...
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Tencent Launched a new version of Private Traffic Tool

Most of the current private traffic operations are based on Tencent's various products (especially WeChat), but due to the privacy of social networks, it is difficult for outsiders to obtain such data. Therefore, companies cannot accurately analyze, build user profiles, track the user fission and conversion of various contacts, let alone optimize operations.
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New Cross-border E-Commerce Regulations in China

China issued a notice on the relevant cross-border e-commerce system recently, requiring that the behavior of cross-border e-commerce operators be regulated and information protection and data security management system should be established. Strengthen the normative guidance for the development and application of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing and AI, etc.
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