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OctoPlus Media has helped many brands reach out to HNW (High Net Worth) individuals in mainland China or affluent Chinese travellers in a scalable way. How to target China’s luxury market and build a robust targeting strategy for this specific segment? We work with different data providers such as OTAs, Airlines, Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei (and more) to abstract accurate targeting segments, among which UnionPay as the biggest payment method can provide precise audience insights and targeting based on massive consumption data.

What is UnionPay and UnionPay Ads Marketing?

UnionPay (Chinese: 银联; pinyinYínlián), also known as China UnionPay (Chinese: 中国银联; pinyinZhōngguó Yínlián)  is the largest card payment organisation in the world offering mobile and online payments  based on the total value of payment transactions, ahead of Visa and Master (due to the massive usages of Chinese). There are a total of 6.6 billion UnionPay cards and 900 million cardholders in the world, covering 170 countries with 120 million daily transactions. 99% of the cardholders are Chinese.

China UnionPay Ads Data Overview

Driven by data integration and artificial intelligence, we work with UnionPay’s smart data and marketing subsidiary to provide industry-leading marketing solution in fields of retailing, hotel, tourism, auto, airline and finance, which has highly increased the data use efficiency of  many enterprises.

What Makes UnionPay Audience Targeting Accurate?

UnionPay has rich and actual offline transaction data

  • • Overseas consumption characteristics of 900M cardholders covering 168 countries and areas across the world
  • • 4000+ business district in key cities
  • • 50000+ primary brands

UnionPay has rich and actual offline transaction data

  1. Overseas consumption characteristics of 900M cardholders covering 168 countries and areas across the world
  2. 4000+ business district in key cities
  3. 50000+ primary brands
China UnionPay Ads Data Asset - Real-time Consumption

The Most Valuable Data Asset - Real-time Consumption

UnionPay Marketing has matched 900M cards, 450M mobile numbers with 400M device IDs, which enables them to build the most precise Online and offline audience Tags based on consumption data.

There are many high-quality dimensions of audience tags we can use for smart digital marketing, such as:


  • Demographics – Gender, age, residence
  • Asset – Income, card level, have a house, house score, car, car brand, car level…


  • Consumption index – Composite consumption index, overseas consumption index, consumption index in weekday & weekends, etc.
  • Luxury – Luxury category preference, brand loyalty, brand level preference, luxury expenditure activity, etc.
  • Car – Vehicle brand preference, brand nationality, owned car level, vehicle consumption level preference, etc.


  • Catering – Cuisine preference, weekend cuisine preference, F&B brand preference, restaurant level preference, etc.
  • Maternal and infant – Maternal and child category preference, maternal and child brand preference, consumption level, early childhood education preference, children’s entertainment brand preference, etc.
  • Decoration – Decoration stage, brand preference, building material brand preference, furniture brand preference, etc.
  • Hotel – Hotel brand preference, five-star hotel consumption, four-star hotel consumption, hotel consumption activity, working day hotel consumption level, non-working day hotel consumption level, etc.


  • Behaviour – Entertainment, Maternal and child, food, social, travel, business and learning, finance, home decoration, luxury, retail, electronics, etc.
China UnionPay Data Audience Tags Dimensions

High-quality China Programmatic inventory, reaching TA efficiently

With programmatic DSP, marketing display banners can reach most of the top publishers in China, such as Baidu, Tencent, Toutiao, 360 etc. It can deliver more than one billion ad traffic per day.

China UnionPay Data Ads Top Publishers

All mobile feeds formats are supported

China UnionPay Data Ads Mobile Feeds Ads

Contact OctoPlus Media if you would like to leverage this powerful audience data source to boost your China marketing. We can build customized audience tags for your industry and draw valuable business insights out of it.

Besides UnionPay Big Data, we have many other exciting data partners in China. Let us know your business objectives so we could provide a tailor-made targeting strategy for you!

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With years of experience in big data and marketing technology, OctoPlus Media has successfully served hundreds of companies through AI technology to improve marketing effectiveness solutions.

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