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O2O Community Marketing: China Offline Elevator Ads

What is Community Marketing?

The most popular marketing method in China recently is none other than “Community Marketing”. It is “offline community + media”. A new “brand amplification” has been created to extend brands and products from online sales to offline traffic and market them in the community.

O2O Community Marketing | Octoplus Media
O2O Community Marketing | Octoplus Media
  • Key Benefits of Community Marketing:
  1. This method of advertising reaches directly to consumer groups, the target group is concentrated, and the credibility is high. It is more favorable to word-of-mouth promotion.
  2. Minimal investment with quick response, and high return in investment to justify expenses.
  3.  It can be used as a generic targeting method, or it can be targeted at specific targets to organize special groups for key promotions.
O2O Community Marketing | Octoplus Media

The community of households is the gathering place of consumers, which also forms the main offline traffic. Through high-frequency exposure in a closed, low-interference space, brands and products can be precisely reached by the target audience, thus increasing sales. There is a stable consumer base in the community, which also makes the community an indispensable channel touch point for the brand. Internet sales channels or advertising marketing channels can be APP, mini-program, and websites. However, offline communities are offline places that focus on families, gather offline users together, form specific community traffic, support the brand’s sustainable and complete brand image and concept, and promote the brand and products to the community. Community is no longer a geographical concept of community, the real value of community marketing lies in the reconstruction of “User, Products, Community”, and after the reconstruction, it forms a powerful trigger of potential.

The right of Community Marketing

  • Marketing Research on pre-marketing

Market research has to be carried out by brands, which includes detailed information such as size of the community, culture, consumption level, population income, age distribution, and shopping habits, etc.

  • Selection of marketing methods

Marketing methods can be divided into online and offline. The combination of online and offline should be reasonable, which can lead offline consumers to online business, provide more comprehensive services to consumers and win their trust. With the help of social apps, direct communication with customers and consumers can be realized, enhancing better understanding of the brand and product by consumers.

  • Creativity is key

Many brands now carry out community marketing, but the undifferentiated marketing model may give consumers a sense of fatigue and lack of freshness. Brands should selectively promote, and physical display and promotion are often ways that consumers are willing to accept. Consumers’ daily necessities and decorations with practical value can be used as content carriers so that consumers will accept these promotional materials because of their use-value, which greatly increase the chances of contacting advertising information.

  • Attract traffic correctly and increase fan base

There are many types of fans. Some fans participates for gifts in the event, and some fans come for products. If the brand is operated and maintained equally, it is a waste of cost, and the consumption conversion is also very low. The brand can set the theme of the event to attract customers who have needs, and the gifts are of course also the products they sell. But no matter what the format is, it must be creative and to not hold the same event repeatedly within the same community, else the interest level of the event diminishes due to a lack of new ideas.

Chinese enterprise marketing is in a period of innovation and change. To adapt to the new round of marketing innovation in China, the traditional “community marketing” must also make a series of changes, rethinking and defining “community marketing” in many ways. “, to meet the changing needs of enterprises and consumers. OctoPlus Media has a large number of community groups and a unique community management system. The brand can be successfully promoted to the major target communities with one click, and the “offline community + media platform” can be effectively connected to create a full range of momentum and trigger points.

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