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Private traffic is a marketing method where communication with customers is funneled into private pools where brands can have complete control without any costs to 3rd party platforms. Using WeChat as an example, for each WeChat public account, WeChat group, and WeChat personal account, fans and friends are “Private traffic”, as these can be independently operated and maintained by the account owners who have Wechat public group, and personal account.

Types of Private Traffic

Private traffic is mainly for the management of user relationships. According to the level of the relationship, it can be divided into 4 levels (from low to high):

  • Fans: Fans on social accounts such as WeChat public accounts, Weibo, and Toutiao. Information received is one-way, relying on operators to continue output of content to maintain retention
  • Community: WeChat and QQ groups. Information received is multi-directional, continuous engagement and interaction within the community via group activities, group discussions, group live broadcast, etc.
  • Friends: Direct friend relationship. High degree of trust and best conversion effect because friends communicate directly and frequently
  • CRM: Official website, independent App, WeChat service account, mini-programs, individual shops, individual accounts, and community operating tools, etc.
china private traffic, wechat community marketing
china private traffic, wechat community marketing
china private traffic, wechat community marketing

How to make use of “Private Traffic”?

Fission (裂变) is considered to be the most characteristic marketing method. There are 2 key steps for fission, step one is designing a complete mechanism to close the loop (sharing—convert); step two is giving enough incentive to cooperate.

Common fission methods:

  • Group buying

  • Unlock

  • Distribution sale

  • Bargain

Case Study:

WeChat Private Traffic Case Study​
WeChat Private Traffic Case Study​
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