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China Programmatic DSP Advertising Landscape 2023

Programmatic Ads in China: China consumers

The ad marketplaces in China more of an emphasis on mobile devices because the Chinese audience is mainly mobile-first as they consumers significantly rely on smartphones in their daily lives for everything from social media browsing such as making online reservations, ordering food, paying bills, making purchases, and more.  In order to advertise on China-specific domains, particularly on their most popular channels, it is vital to use Chinese programmatic platforms given the nation’s 1.4 billion population.

1. What is DSP and Ad Network?

DSP (Demand Side Platform)A Demand Side Platform (DSP) known as an automated ad buying platform where marketers and agencies go to buy digital ad inventory. Advertisers can take use of a wider ad inventory with DSPs to maximise their targeting of sizable audiences.

Ad Network: In the programmatic industry, an ad network acts as an aggregator to mediate deals between advertisers and publishers. They group their advertising inventory and sell it programmatically through auctions on behalf of media owners.

Popular Programmatic Advertising DSP in China:

  • China Data Bank (CDB)China Data Bank™ (CDB) is a China DSP owned by OctoPlus Media which focuses on building partnerships with various data providers across China to source the best-in-class data to create bespoke solution for every single advertising campaign. CDB provides high-quality and right data to reach more specific audience in China market. 
  • theTradeDesk: Company that has been praised for its omni-channel approach to programmatic marketing automation, focuses on technologies, goods, and services for real-time programmatic marketing automation that aim to tailor the delivery of digital content to users.
  • iPinYou (品友): One of the greatest local partners for foreign companies interested in marketing to Chinese consumers, formed an alliance with key players in the data ecosystem, including China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, and others.
  • YouDao ZhiXuan (有道智选): Youdao Zhixuan is a high-quality content advertising platform based on AI algorithm under Netease Youdao which provide multiple and multi-screen user scenarios in the context of digital marketing upgrades.

We offer China Data Bank DSP, a programmatic advertising platform for running targeted, measurable and engaging ads that turn your audiences into customers. Click to learn more.

2. The role of data supplier & data management in DSP

Data Supplier: A data provider company that gathers user information and sell it to other parties in order to better target their audience. They give advertisers’ audience information to improve their current databases and clientele. Publishers receive additional value on their merchandise as well as information about their own user base from them.

Data Management: Improve and manage your customer profiles with data provided at scale by engaging with data providers and gathering third-party data, which will help you better understand the consumer experience and increase user acquisition.

Popular Data Suppliers in China:

  • UnionPay: UnionPay has developed data providing service based on consumer data and is constantly upgrading it. It offers UnionPay and its partners a variety of big-data application solutions.
  • GeTui (个推): GeTui Is a professional data intelligence service provider, committed to using data to make the industry more intelligent, has accumulated profound industry knowledge and rich service experience, and created a series of data intelligence products and solutions in digital industries.
  • TalkingData: TalkingData empowers businesses and aids them in undergoing a data-driven digital transformation with SmartDP serving as the foundation of its data intelligence application ecosystem.
  • Zampdmp (晶赞天机): zampdmp is a dynamic audience management product that provides multi-channel audience data integration, multi-dimensional audience data discovery, and multi-scenario audience data usage.
OctoPlus Media has been partner with all 4 data partners so advertisers are able to purchase their service in one stop through us.

3. What is Programmatic DOOH?

The automated buying, selling, and delivery of out-of-home advertising, or advertisements on digital billboards and signs, is referred to as programmatic digital out-of-home, also known as programmatic DOOH or pDOOH. To deliver more accurate targeting, programmatic DOOH enables you to combine data received by the device with audience insights from outside attribution vendors.

3 Top Programmatic DOOH in China:

  • Focus Media: Focus Media is a Chinese corporation that allegedly owns the biggest Internet advertising agency in the nation runs out-of-home advertisements in China that provide services like LCD TV Display Network, Digital Frame Network, Poster Frame Network, and Movie Theater Ad Network.
  • Baidu Juping: Baidu Juping focuses on brand promotion, and takes advantage of Baidu’s big data and AI with multi-scenario online and offline integration to make brand promotion intelligent and efficient.
  • Xinchao Culture Media: It is a “traditional media + Internet” technology media innovation enterprise and a community media platform focusing on middle-class family consumption. The media matrix consists of elevator smart screens inside the elevator, pure business network network, and cattle frame elevator posters. 

4. Programmatic TV

Programmatic TV (PTV) is a digital solution that uses data-driven algorithms to improve the precision and effectiveness of marketing planning in the television industry. PTV gives marketers and advertisers the tools they need to create successful advertising marketing models by automating in-depth analyses of end users and personalising ad content.

2 Top Programmatic TV Platforms in China:

  • MangoTVMango TV is a Chinese online video media platform that provides users with diverse content, including variety shows, movies, TV series, animation, sports, news, games, micro-movies, etc. Mango TV APP advertising has two models which are project partnership model and standard advertising model.
  • FunTV: It is a new generation of online video platform in China which provides free online on-demand of high-definition movies and TV series, and supports Internet TV, online movie on-demand, free movie download, and etc.

5. Other important roles in programmatic advertising

Ads Verification: This is very important to identify and verify both of the advertisers and marketers with a purpose to provide a safe and trustworthy ad ecosystem for users.

4 Top Verification Provider Companies in China:

  • RTBAsia: A data provider to improve internet marketing by filtering and analyzing “non-human traffic” data for DSP advertising system, so that the marketing budget can be allocated to real target consumers. RTBAsia innovatively applies accurate IP address scene analysis to real-time bidding advertising placement decisions, making robot visits and fake traffic nowhere to hide.
  • TalkingData: TalkingData empowers businesses and aids them in undergoing a data-driven digital transformation with SmartDP serving as the foundation of its data intelligence application ecosystem.
  • Miaozhen Systems: A third-party technology company that provides businesses with marketing expansion based on big data and AI technology.
  • Sizmek: An ad serving platform that enables data, media, and creative content (such as banners) to collaborate and be tracked for the best performance throughout the entire online experience.

Programmatic Creative: Programmatic creative makes it possible for creative executions to be guided by data and supported by software, fulfilling the promise of contemporary digital marketing. It makes it feasible to individually and completely customise the experience for the viewer.

2 Top Programmatic Creatives Companies in China:

  • Kuaizi: An intelligent creative technology provider serving the content business ecology, it provides a one-stop solution for creative intelligent production, operation optimization, label insight, and collaborative management. 
  • Luming (鹿鸣): Provide data-driven solutions based on target user preferences and industry big data, and customize recommended excellent advertising creatives and landing pages.

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