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360 SEARCH: Popular China Search Engine

What is 360 Search?
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360 Search, also known as Haosou, is the third largest search engine in China. Its company, Qihoo 360 is a Chinese cyber security company founded in the year of 2005. Qihoo 360 is the largest internet security company in China with internet security ecosystem, from PC & mobile anti-virus software, browser, app store and search engine. The 360 free anti-virus software is the most popular and trusted anti-virus software in China.

In terms of competitiveness, the competition level is lower on 360 Search, as compared to other search engines. Consequently, advertiser can expect a lower cost per click and better ROI. 360 Search also offers open data resource to help advertisers to understand the search trend in the market.


  • Penetration Rate: 62.5%
  • Market Share: 40%
  • Daily Users: 450 million
  • Daily Search Volume: 700 million
  • 3rd largest China search engine


  • Daily Search Volume: 80 million
  • Daily Users: 300 million

Ad Format:

  • 360 Paid Search Ads
china search engine 360 paid search ad
  • Brand Express
360 search Brand Express Ad

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