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Marketing to Chinese tourists

Discover online and O2O marketing strategies using Xiaohongshu, WeChat, Baidu, KOLs, micro-influencers, LBS and SMS.

chinese tourist marketing

72% of Chinese tourists rely on online reviews when planning their trip

Affluent Chinese tourists tend to base their travel-related decisions on online reviews by other travellers. They compare destinations, and look for discounts and deals on Baidu as well as other travel websites.

Most of them turn to WeChat and user-generated content platforms such as Xiaohongshu, Mafengwo, and Fliggy to find more information and book their trips.

Creating a comprehensive pre-travel and on-travel marketing strategy

How we can help you drive brand discovery by Chinese tourists at a pre-travel stage

Generating pre-travel interest

  •  Our unique CSEO strategy

Creating WOM recommendations across Baidu, Xiaohongshu, and user-generated content travel

  • WeChat strategy

Managing your WeChat Official Account content, Mini Program and collaborating with WeChat influencers

How we can help you sustain brand influence on Chinese tourists on the go

Boosting on-travel consumer activation strategies

  • Our unique CSEO strategy

Extending WOM effects for on-travel search results and Xiaohongshu Nearby suggestions

  • Paid ads

Supporting marketing efforts with Baidu SEM on the go, WeChat LBS ads, Mini Program Nearby coupons, LBS SMSes, display ads and push ads

What is CSEO? | Create word-of-mouth content that ranks on top for your China marketing!



Be the top result for word-of-mouth and micro-influencer reviews

Rank first for KOL product seeding, news media and websites


WeChat ecosystem

Leverage WeChat Official Account, WeChat ads, WeChat Mini Program and WeChat Pay to attract and engage with Chinese consumers


Paid ads

Show your potential customers the right ads in all the right places with Baidu SEM on the go, WeChat LBS ads, Mini Program Nearby coupons, LBS SMSes, display ads and push ads



Let your brand shine with Xiaohongshu influencer reviews and KOL seedings, and through Brand Account management

CSEO: a unique digital strategy for winning China, created by OctoPlus Media

About our CSEO service

Why is word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing essential in China? 

The fact is that Chinese customers trust social proof such as peer reviews and WOM recommendations, even more than official sources of information.

OctoPlus’ CSEO service places your brand on WOM touchpoints that you should not miss – Baidu, WeChat, Xiaohongshu, Tmall and more. Let us help you combine content with SEO to bring you guaranteed brand exposure topping search results through our unprecedented content marketing techniques.


More recommendations mean more sales

Content seeding SEO

  • Curated content: seeded conversations, seeded product reviews, WOM campaigns, PR news media, KOLs
  • Selected channels: news sites, major forums, popular Q&A platforms, vertical media outlets, industry and trade channels
  • Objective: driving seed visibility of selected keywords to the top of Baidu’s first SERP
Social WOM SEO

Consumers are four times more likely to buy upon WOM referrals

Social WOM SEO

  • Xiaohongshu SSO: top 4-8 influencer posts under selected keywords
  • WeChat SEO: top ranking article or KOL post in WeChat search results
  • Zhihu: top ranking answer among all submitted answers

What do Chinese consumers do before they buy?

Don’t miss these Chinese WOM touch points

Before committing to a purchase of a product, Chinese consumers typically check for social proof through past reviews and recommendations on Baidu and Xiaohongshu.

OctoPlus Media is the first and only agency that offers CSEO – an exclusive digital marketing strategy that blends content seeding powered by SEO. We deliver marketing content to your intended audiences directly through product, forum and KOL content seeding on Baidu or Xiaohongshu, so that your business can maximize its brand awareness.

The most popular search engine in China

Just "Baidu it"

500 million daily active users “Baidu it” when seeking recommendations

The main source of information during the pre-travel planning stage

The go-to source of information for shoppers on the go

Harness the buying power of Chinese shoppers

Better brand authority means more sales

Integrate powerful content strategies with a targeted SEO approach

Rank high on Baidu when customers search for recommendations

The leading e-commerce social media platform in China and top cross-border e-commerce app

A community of young shoppers

Over 100 million users, most of whom are female

Consumer-to-consumer e-commerce marketing

User-generated content including KOL and micro-influencer posts

Most suited to travel, beauty, F&B and retail brands



Also known as ‘Little Red Book’ or ‘RED’, it is one of the largest and fastest growing social e-commerce apps in China.

It is also an ideal platform for brands whose target customers are Millennials and Gen Z.

A one-stop solution for WeChat, as offered by OctoPlus

WeChat ecosystem

Unlock the full potential of your marketing activities in China with WeChat by leveraging its massive reach of up to 980 million Chinese consumers. Let OctoPlus Media guide you in harnessing China’s most dominant market player for maximum brand exposure.

WeChat Ecosystem
WeChat Marketing , WeChat advertising

• Promoted campaign
• Promoted app
• Promoted account
• Appear at the end of Official Account articles

• In-feed ad options with multiple targeting parameters
• Text, image, video formats
• Appear in users’ News Feed

• Influencer endorsements on their WeChat Official Accounts

• Official Subscription Account
• Official Service Account
• WeChat Official Account customization
• Content strategy
• WeChat community chat group

Marketing to Chinese tourists
Pre-travel and on-travel

Paid ads

Leverage programmatic display banners across the extensive Chinese media network (including mobile, app, and website) to reach Chinese travellers during the planning and travelling stages.

Target Chinese travellers on the go through SMS messaging, location-based ads, and Baidu mobile search.


Paid search (SEM)

  • Paid search (Google, Baidu, Yahoo!, and Bing)
  • Paid media planning 
  • Native ads and location-based Ads

Programmatic display

Put the right video and display ads in front of the right audience, powered by both human expertise and AI.

APP Promotion

APP promotion (CPI, ASO)

  • CPI: cost per installation
  • ASO: app store optimization (guaranteed ranking)
  • ASM: app store marketing
Paid Social Ads

Paid social ads

Promote your brand and products through paid social ads (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter) and paid social ads in China (WeChat, Weibo, Douyin).

Baidu search engine marketing

More than 500 million people in China use Baidu, the country’s premier search engine. It has become an integral part of Chinese everyday life, with many going online to “Baidu it” when looking for information. Establishing both your organic and paid presence on Baidu is crucial for breaking into the China market successfully.

Baidu marketing strategies include:

  • Baidu PPC search ads 
  • Baidu display ads 
  • Baidu native ads 
  • Baidu SEO 
Baidu SEM
UGC shopping-sharing community of Gen Z


Xiaohongshu – also known as ‘Little Red Book’ or ‘RED’ – is one of the largest and fastest growing social e-commerce apps in China. If you’re a brand looking to create positive buzz around your product and drive more online sales among Millennials and Gen Z, this is the most effective channel for you.

Having a well-managed Brand Account and strategic WOM campaigns on Xiaohongshu can significantly improve brand awareness, reputation and sales.

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