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Creative Video Production

Specializing in commercial videos, event videos or interviews shooting for marketing purpose. Produce creative videos across China video platforms. Strategic branding & visual design localized for China Mainland, HK and Macau.

  •  Deliver the core value of the event and capture the heart of the locals through creative inspiration stories by professional production team.
  •  Handle projects of varying scales and genres, from single camera interviews, to multi-camera, and commercial advertising videos.
  •  Making all the efforts to create eye catching videos and visual, we deliver high standards for creative video on digital platforms such as Tiktok/DouYin, YouTube, XiaoHongShu, and etc.

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    Our founders have more than 10 years of experience in SEO, SEM and data analytics. Under their leadership, we have redefined the way that social media and influencer campaigns can be run to generate results for our clients.

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    Backed by our background in big data and marketing technologies, OctoPlus Media has successfully helped hundreds of companies improve the effectiveness of their marketing through AI technology.