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Cross border E-commerce: End-to-End Solutions for International Expansion

OctoPlus × The ‘Star’ Ferry | Cross-border Booking Platform Connecting Mainland Market

OctoPlus has been deeply involved in the cross-border e-commerce industry for decades and is a true one-stop “all-in-one” cross-border e-commerce service provider. Its subsidiary, WeTravel, a cross-border travel platform, provides one-stop SaaS ticketing, validation, and e-commerce systems for overseas attractions, public transportation, overseas hotels, and more, facilitating use and purchases for Chinese tourists & consumers. It helps overseas clients easily enter the Chinese market and expand consumer groups.

Case Study

With OctoPlus’s support, The ‘Star’ Ferry opened up the WeChat platform, launched a cross-border mini-program, integrated WeChat Pay, allowing travelers to purchase tickets for The ‘Star’ Ferry Victoria Harbour Tour and A Symphony of Lights in advance. Through the The ‘Star’ Ferry mini-program, users can also learn about periodic parent-child trips, fireworks displays, and other special holiday cruise information. Additionally, they can purchase The ‘Star’ Ferry souvenirs, making it incredibly convenient.

The 'Star' Ferry mini program
Cross border e-commerce

Cross-border Import Full Chain Solution

The team has dedicated years to building a comprehensive cross-border import solution, which has undergone practical tests in large-scale cross-border e-commerce platforms and various business scenarios:

  • Cross-border mall systems, cross-border distribution systems, cross-border cloud warehousing solutions
  • Digital solutions for duty-free and overseas travel retail
  • Integration and connection with customs, bonded zones, and cross-border logistics service providers
  • Support for cross-border payments and global settlement

Global Brand Operations Services

The operations team has rich experience in large-scale e-commerce operations and brand marketing, helping clients achieve success:

  • Operation and promotion services for independent cross-border mall sites
  • WeChat ecosystem private domain operation services
  • Brand incubation, omni-channel operation, and promotion

Cross-border Industry Ecology and Resource Integration

With a focus on the cross-border import e-commerce industry for twelve years, OctoPlus has connected and integrated the upstream and downstream ecology and various resources of the cross-border industry, helping clients’ businesses get on track faster:

  • Resources of cross-border logistics service providers, cross-border payment, and settlement capabilities
  • Vertical marketing channels and private domain traffic pool resources
  • High-quality cross-border supply chain resources, providing dropshipping services, supporting SDK embedding, and API docking mode

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