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Douban: Chinese Reddit, Lifestyle and Culture App in China

What is Douban?

Douban.com,  otherwise known as the ‘Chinese Reddit’ , is a Chinese social networking service website that allows registered users to record information and create content related to film, books, music, recent events, and activities in Chinese cities. Douban is one of the most popular social media platform in China due to its high-quality content, engaged user base and active communities.

Douban | OctoPlus Media

Douban aims to offers “lifestyle and culture” products and services for white-collar urbanites and college students. A large proportion of which are reviews of books and movies in addition to art and hobby-related content. The content has shaped the development of Douban and it has increasingly attracted user interest over time.

Douban platform value:

  • 200 million registered users
  • 500 million MAU
  • 800 million DPV

Douban User:

  • Highly educated and internationalised (82.9% of users have a bachelors degree, or above, 30% have a background of studying abroad)
  • Focused on developed cities/countries (1st – tier cities/new 1st – tier cities and overseas developed countries)
  • Majority of the users comprises of those born between 1985 to 1995, accounting for more than 86%)
  • The ratio of men and women is balanced, close to 1:1 (47.7% males, 52.3% females)

Douban Major Section:

  • Douban Knowledge
  • Douban Music/Douban FM
  • Douban Reading
  • Douban Movie
  • Douban Writing
  • Douban Group
  • Douban Event
  • Douban E-commerce
Douban major section | OctoPlus Media

Douban Ad Type

Open screen ads & Banners ads

(Multiple images/Large images)

Douban Open Screen Ad & Banner Ad

Douban Content Marketing

Online+Offline creative campaigns (OnePlus Mobile phone as an example)

Result: Comprehensive online & offline exposure with over 250 original manuscripts and 2.06 billion exposure.

Douban Content Marketing | OctoPlus Media

Online: Create a trend music week

Douban Offline exposure activities example

Offline: exposure activities

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