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Meitu Xiuxiu: Market on China's Biggest Beauty Camera App

What is Meitu Xiuxiu?

Founded in October 2008, Meitu is China’s leading image processing and social platform, driven by artificial intelligence. Meitu’s mission is to “make the world better with Meitu’s products” has created a series of hardware and software products around “Beauty” such as Meitu Xiuxiu, Beauty Camera, Meipai, Meitu phone camera and Meitu magic mirror, changing the way users create and share beauty.

Meituxiuxiu | OctoPlus Media

Meitu Xiuxiu is currently one of the most popular image processing software in the world and a new social platform positioned to  “Create My Lifestyle”. Meitu Xiuxiu marked its 10 year journey recently from the launch of the online version in 2008 to the mobile app in 2011, It has also witnessed and led the mainstream aesthetic trend in the past decade, and has maintained a leading edge in photographic image applications. In May 2018, Meitu Xiuxiu upgraded from a picture processing tool to a social platform with the position of “Creating My Lifestyle”.

Key statistics:

  1. Meitu company’s total MAU reached 295 million by 2020 Q2, an increase of 4.6% from December 2019.
  2. MAU of Meitu Xiuxiu grew 4.2% to 121 million.
  3. Meitu XiuXiu average daily usage time reached 15.4 minutes, up by 13.2% from the second half of 2019.

Common forms of advertising

  • Save & Share Page
Meituxiuxiu Share Page Ads
  • Homepage – Second Icon
Meituxiuxiu Homepage Ad
  • Bottom Banner
Meituxiuxiu Bottom Banner Ad
  • Infeed

Meituxiuxiu In Feed Ad

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