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OctoPlus China Data Bank Solution


China Data Bank™ is an unDMP – a new class of data solutions that is focused on providing right data solutions to all advertisers and without the overhead of complex data requirements stipulated by China Government

China Data Bank partnership

China Data Bank™ will focus on building partnership with various data providers across China to source the best in class data to create bespoke solution for every single advertising campaign. Initial partner for the venture include the likes of Alibaba Unidesk, Tencent Marketing, Getui, China Unicom, UnionPay, JD, etc.

Core Competency

CDB integrates data value, strategy research, data analysis.

Dimensional Database

  • Cross-industry
  • multi-dimensional
  • top user database.

Data Technology

  • Big data processing platform,
  • Increase the value of database.


  • More than 13 years industry background, rich media resource.

China Data Bank Target Audience

Comprehensive audience profiles available across dimensions and industries.

Consumer Group

  • Property
  • Credit Cards
  • Overseas Shopping
  • Frequency of luxury shopping
  • Habits of luxury shopping
  • etc.

Tourist Group

  • Destination information
  • Ticket information
  • Hotel information
  • Schedule forecast
  • etc.

Mobile User Group

  • APP usage
  • Wi-Fi situation
  • Mobile phone habits
  • Location
  • Tags
  • Similar users
  • etc.

How CDB is used in Advertising

Selected target users and launch campaign from digital media platform.

      1. Selected bespoke user data from CDB database.
      2. Create requirement materials (Images, Videos) & upload to DSP.
      3. Upload list to DSP backend and launch campaign.

Partially Releasable Media

Partially Releasable Media
Partially Releasable Media
Ads Samples
Opening ads

Opening ads

Feed Feed ads

Feed ads

Video ads

Video ads

Ads Samples

Union Pay

With real database as a core, over 40 billion transactions, 1⁺ billion cardholders, 8⁺ bank cards, 80 million merchants and 300 million POS machines, covered 170 countries and regions.

Union Pay Flow
  • CardholderTransaction time/ location/ Amount/ Category etc.
  • MerchantMerchant code/ Name/ Amount/ Times etc.
  • BankBank card name/ brand/ resource etc.
  • Receipt collectionBank detail information.

Real time high-quality Database

Real and high-quality Database, including domestic consumption and overseas consumption.

Extremely detailed tags

Including consumer information, habits, property information, luxury preference etc.

Union Pay – Behavioral Data

In addition to the vast of domestic database, CDB also has Union Pay behavioral database. Such as consumption overseas etc.

In addition to the vast of domestic database, CDB also has Union Pay behavioral database. Such as consumption overseas etc.

With more than 100 million overseas consumption cards, UnionPay has become the main payment tool for daily consumption and cross-border travel of consumers in many countries and regions, It provides two-way services for domestic and overseas personnel.

Unique high value transactions

Affluent users with investment experience, car or property owners, high luxury consumption, access to auction places.  Such as artist lovers, antique collectors,  luxury watches, jewelry, luxury bags, etc.

Online Travel Agents

CDB collaborates with China‘s top OTA platforms and government departments (Ctrip, 12306, MFW, Tuniu) to obtain accurate passenger travel data and can be used in all platforms.

Online Travel Agents

Mobile Phone Manufacturers

Cooperate with various mobile phone manufacturers to accumulate massive data, applying deep insight identify several unique labels.

Mobile Phone Manufacturers
  • Persistent Data
    Persistent DataGender, interests, permanent residence, occupation, income level, age group.
  • Recent Behavior
    Recent BehaviorRecently active application, with a certain timeliness of behavioral data.
  • Real Time
    Real TimeOpen application and other scenarios are obvious, micro-moment marketing opportunities

Accurate Audience

Customized  audience segment can be generated, and the volume can be rapidly expanded through look-alike to effectively target the right group.

Mobile Operator

Rich label system

Provide customized labels that fit the characteristics of industry users, covering various verticals – finance, e-commerce, games and social networking.

Comprehensive exposure

Data can be used across all channels including DSP, App stores and mobile phone operators

Filter false positives

Efficient analysis of new customer channel quality, accurate identification false positives.

Mobile Manufacturer

When an APP is downloaded to a mobile phone, the data related to the APP also starts to be carried out on the mobile phone and is accumulated and returned in the underlying database of the mobile phone manufacturer.

Mobile Manufacturer

Determining population characteristics based on online APP behavior data and offline scene activity data.

Mobile Manufacturer

Mobile Manufacturer

CDB has established a deep cooperative relationship with China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom operators to obtain the real data of the whole network users by getting through the mobile operator database.

Mobile Operator


Active Event

Behaviour Data
  • Make or receive a call
  • Send or receive a message
  • Mobile internet record
  • Power on or off

Passive Event

Location Data
  • Periodic position update (fixed intervals)

  • When the user goes to the new area

  • When the user’s signal switched

Accurately record every action & location of the user

Enhanced Data For Key Verticals

Internet technology
Internet technology
Consumer product
Consumer product
Consultancy Services
Consultancy Services

Mobile Operator

Identified 4,600 mobile phone brands, 110,000 terminal models, 500 million URLs, and 13,000 apps. Also has comprehensive database include phone number, IMEI, IMSI, IDFA,MAC.

Mobile Operator

Smart Home Appliance Data

Committed to the Chinese family as the core of the database, covering a wide range of data

Audience Data

Consumption Data

Content Data

Action Data

Smart Home Appliance Data

Smart Home Appliance Data

  • Video Platform Covered: Tencent, iQiyi, Youku, etc.
  • TV Platform Covered: CCTV,Local TV, etc.
  • TV dramas ( 46 categories )Romance, Comedy, History, Fashion, etc.
  • Childrens Channel ( 30 categories )Fun, Story, Song, etc.
  • Movies ( 60 categories )Romance, Comedy, History, Business, etc.
  • Education ( 18 categories )Exploration, Adventure, Social, Natural, etc.
  • Entertainment ( 39 categories )Music, Lifestyle, History, Game, etc.
  • Anime ( 23 categories )Art, Lifestyle, History, Comedy, etc.
  • Sports ( 25 categories )Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, etc.
  • CCTV ( 17 categories )News, Finance, Society, etc.
  • Application Covered: 19k+

  • Games APP ( 300 categories )
  • Education APP ( 25 categories )
  • Lifestyle APP ( 350 categories )
  • Music APP ( 648 categories )
  • ......

Case Study: L’OCCITANE

Determining population characteristics based on online APP behavior data and offline scene activity data.

Case Study: L’OCCITANE

Selected user from CDB database:

  1. 1.Tourists who flying from China to JP;
  2. 2.Women who bought luxury skin care products.
Case Study: L’OCCITANE

Notes: Wechat Official Overseas Mini Program invested in airports to attract over 300,000 daily active user transists worldwide.

Case Study: Overseas Property

Platform: Smart Devices

Platform: Smart Devices

Selected user from CDB database:

  1. 1.Top 30% Chinese students who spending in UK;
  2. 2.Find their parents by location and Wi-Fi (Household Extension);
  3. 3.Run ads across family’s smart devices.

Advantage of China Data Bank Data Analysis

Multi-dimensional O2O channel information collection and investigation.

Advantage of China Data Bank Data Analysis

China Data Bank Data Analytics Services can benefit your brands

How to create strong brand positioning in your market?
Who is the target consumer of the brand?
What’s the competition in the same industry?
What’s the consumer feedback of your brand?

China Data Bank Data Analytics Case Study

Help a restaurant chain select the store location

China Data Bank Data Analytics Case Study
China Data Bank Data Analytics Case StudyChina Data Bank Data Analytics Case Study
China Data Bank Data Analytics Case StudyChina Data Bank Data Analytics Case Study

Assist bank loan business risk advisory

China Data Bank Data Analytics Case StudyChina Data Bank Data Analytics Case Study

Intelligent control risk

Effectively identity false information and reduce the risk.

Aaccurate customer acquisition

Database is used to analyse whether user are willing to loan.

Filter qualified user

Case Study: Beauty Company

Client Background:

A giant global retailer, used database to enhance consumer insight, prepare comprehensive data for company brands, event and KOL optimization, etc.


Use CDB database to create the personalized system to deliver insights.

  • Brand dynamic monitoring
  • Marketing Activity tracking
  • KOL optimization


  • Get the real-time report for result on social media
  • Effectively track the social media data
  • Comprehensive tracking of KOL‘s effectiveness, and filter high quality KOL
icon 1

Analysing campaign data for Single Day (11.11)

Filter high quality KOL

icon 2

Analysing current trends

Discover the new trends

icon 3

Affluency & Spending Power Research on Millennials

SkinCare Research

Case Study: Personal Health Company

Data Processing
Multidimensional database

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