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Our team members are our greatest assets.


Mia Chen l OctoPlus Media

Google Trainer APAC / Go China Consultant / China Marketing Coach

Growth marketing professional with 10+ years of experience collaborating with global brands to implement the most effective digital strategies to grow their businesses.

She is also invited by Google to be the Agency Trainer and Strategy Consultant for Greater China Region, including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. Training on Digital Marketing Solutions and Data Analytics.

Mia C. Chen is also Search Ads, Mobile Ads, Video Ads, Display Ads, Analytics, Baidu Advertising, Facebook Advertising Certified.

Our heart is in delivering results and making impossible things happen from out-of-box thinking, creativity and solid performance marketing experience we have from the past. 

Be unique. Our uniqueness is our magic. 

Mia C. ChenCEO, Co-Founder

Baidu SEO Expert / Senior Baidu Marketing Consultant 

Digital marketing professional with deep knowledge and understanding of China market. Over 7 years of experience helping overseas brand succeed locally in China and Hong Kong.

Peng Jun has made his name in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Strategy by effectively utilizing SEM, SEO, Content integrated solutions. He was also certified as Senior Baidu Marketing Consultant.

We have a strong belief that we can make a difference in the marketing field. 

Don’t limit your challenges – challenge your limits. 

Peng JunCOO, Co-Founder
Peng Jun l OctoPlus Media

Digital Marketing Team

Tanmy Tan OctoPlus Media

Tanmy Tan

Senior Social Media Manager

With 5 years digital marketing and PR agency experience, Tanmy is a “digital citizen” intimately familiar with massive social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Sina Weibo and WeChat, and offers counsel on how to maximize the marketing impact of these new platforms.

She is also equipped with professional PR skills such as press release\byline article\case study\factsheet drafting and polishing, spokesperson media training and support, media and analyst relation management and so on.

Mario Chow OctoPlus Media

Mario Chow

Business Manager

Digital Marketing Professional with Production and Advertising background. Strong cross-border marketing experience focusing on financial industry, exhibition and education with effective strategies, making good use of the latest marketing platforms & tools.

With solid experience in e-Marketing such as SEM on Google & Baidu, Paid Media, Social Media strategies, Mario can always find clients a suitable solution with promising result.

Iris Jiang OctoPlus Media

Iris Jiang

Social Media Strategiest

I am a social media strategist focused on the Chinese mainland market, now I am working with the passionate team of Mia.

Strong big data analysis capabilities and intuition for Chinese consumer insights are what I am best at, I am willing to be your growth hacker in mainland China .

MoLingjiao OctoPlus Media

Lingjiao Mo

Business Development Manager

I am a digital marketer who was once a journalist, the binding factor across my career being my love for media.

Storytelling is my biggest asset. A great digital marketer should go beyond technology and data to understand the customer and tap into the emotional connections that make us all human. After all, an order sold is a story told. With this, I am enthusiastic to help businesses learn about themselves, their audiences, leads and competitors.

Yani Xie

Business Manager

As a marketer with advertising, media and focus on contents, I am full of enthusiasm to serve as a bridge between brands and consumers for spreading great services and products.

Broad management experience includes strategy development, marketing, and operations, strong intuition for Chinese consumer insights is what I am best at, I am willing to be your growth hacker in mainland China.

Paris Zhang l OctoPlus Media

Paris Zhang

Business Manager

Paris has solid work experience in various marketing fields including travel & tourism, health & fitness, hospitality and technology.

Extensive experience with e-Marketing (Social Media, SEM & SEO by keywords & website design,
behavioral targeting banner & eDM, mobile advertising and Google Analytics for tracking etc) to drive traffic, brand exposure & sales volume

Yar Ni

Business Manager

Yar Ni is a Digital Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the digital marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in managing Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and YouTube Ads for different clients from various industries, i.e. E-commerce, Banking, Beauty, Education, Tourism and Property.

With statistical computing background as the foundation, Yar Ni possessed analytics skills to analyze campaign data, create insights and optimize the digital marketing campaigns, making her an expert in Performance Marketing.

Seawen Xie

Business Manager

With 3 years of online & event marketing experience in Fintech, Forex and Blockchain industry, Seawen is familiar with PR and SM marketing such as wechat, FB, Twitter, Medium, Youtube, and issues related to event marketing, and has a deep understand of how to maximize the marketing impact and do branding for companies. Also, Seawen is familiar with how to do marketing for a Blockchain project during their token sales such as marketing distribution, marketing analysis, and SM planning.

Seawen is also equipped with professional PR skills such as press release/marketing analysis report, and he has a strong sense of beauty on graphic & booth design, PPT beautification and article composing.

Karen Ho l OctoPlus Media

Karen Ho

Account Manager

Karen is a skillful Digital Marketing Specialist, expertise in Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads and YouTube Ads for industries i.e. Banking, Tourism, Property, E-commerce and Health service.

Experience in managing and setup client’s multi-channel digital campaigns on different platforms, create insights based on the performance.

Joanne l OctoPlus Media

Joanne Yap

Account Manager

Joanne is a marketer with advertising and media background. Mainly focus on content creation and digital marketing.

She has a 5 years experiences of Online & On-air marketing and advertising in Malaysia’s TV Station. Contents creation and social media marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat is her expertise.

Hilson Hong l OctoPlus Media Global

Hilson Hong

Business Manager

Hilson has previously worked at WeChat, had taken care of many crossborder WeChat projects such as Mannings mini program mall, Heytea mini program overseas payment; Macau electronic consumer voucher…

Now with OctoPlus Media, Hilson would like to help Global brands leverage a mix of innovative marketing solutions to succeed in China.

Edwin Tan l OctoPlus Media

Edwin Tan

Account Manager

Experience in dealing and serving clients from all around the world, managing client expectations, strategy planning, content creation, managing digital campaigns and websites.

With Octoplus Media, Edwin would love to help global brand to succeed in the China market.

Cynthia Chan l OctoPlus Media

Cynthia Chan

Account Manager

Cynthia is a passionate and innovative social media strategist. Her creative mind is helping brands speak to young millennials in China via Xiaohongshu, WeChat, Douyin etc.

She is now Xiaohongshu marketing coach with China Marketing Academy. She is also a trilingual content copywriter (in English, Mandarin and Cantonese) and short video planner.

Ivy Yu OctoPlus Media

Ivy Yu

Social Media Specialist

Specialized in market research, creative strategy, and content planning, Ivy is a story teller and trend setter.

She served clients of various luxurious brands, handling international social media moderation and monitoring operations in China.

Haiyan Xia

Senior Digital Specialist

Haiyan was Baidu’s Native Ads Manager for years with profound digital marketing knowledge. She now is leading our Native Ads operation team.

Haiyan Xia is outgoing, responsible and endeavoring to strive for excellence. She is a good team player who can work under stress.

Jie Chen

Digital Specialist

Jie Chen is a marketing professional with solid performance advertising experience. She was Senior Operation Manager of 163.com (Pinyin: Wangyi), one of the largest China portal media, managing Youdao DSP team. She is now leading the OctoPlus China DSP operation team and provides excellent digital advertising service to clients.

Specialize in: digital marketing, China DSP, China Media Buying, China digital strategy & Analytics.


LiuHongjian l OctoPlus Media

Liu Hongjian

PMP project manager

He is a PMP project manager having six years of project management experience. He has strong leadership and organizational coordination, judgment, and decision-making, planning and execution skills. He led the team to participate in the management of large-scale mini programs such as Shenzhen Catic Wellness and Shanghai Boqii Pet Enterprise.
He is mainly responsible for pre-sales business consulting services for innovative projects, project management, controlling project budgets and developing complete project plans, controlling project development cycles and operational services at the later stages of the project, adjusting the allocation of project personnel, funds, and other resources.

LiJunquan l OctoPlus Media

Li Junquan

UI Chinese Contract Designer

UI Chinese contract designer. Member of Guangdong Interactive Design Association.
He has four years of experience in product interface design, and his HYGGE sports fitness mini program product matrix helps clients won the WeChat Open Class PRO industry award. He is mainly responsible for determining product positioning, demand collection analysis, competitive product research, project process management, product design, product iteration planning, product development process management; product data collection and re-distribution.

LinRui l OctoPlus Media

Lin Rui


He is an OCJP certified and APICLOUD certified engineer. He is an excellent engineer in the WeChat mini program community, and editor of the H5 course teaching plan of Shenzhen Polytechnic. He has four years of front-end experience and three years of back-end experience. He participated in the vertical mall with millions of users, and a number of high-concurrency and high-traffic marketing type project development, specializing in user interaction experience development.

ZengNansheng l OctoPlus Media

Zeng Nansheng


He has an IBM certification and has once participated in the teaching of the php course teaching plan of Shenzhen University. He has five years of back-end experience. He has designed and participated in projects that carry tens of millions of traffic and has been involved in the development of data structure design and development for automotive financial leasing projects.

We are a team of experts

The Octoplus team is passionate about creating innovative data-driven solutions that deliver.

Our founders have more than 10 years of experience in SEO, SEM and data analytics. Under their leadership, we have redefined the way that social media and influencer campaigns can be run to generate results for our clients.


Your one-stop digital marketing solution provider; we specialize in integrated marketing, branding, performance marketing and media relations.

Backed by our background in big data and marketing technologies, OctoPlus Media has successfully helped hundreds of companies improve the effectiveness of their marketing through AI technology.

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