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Performance marketing

Paid Search | Programmatic Display | APP (ASO,CPI) | Paid Social

About this service

Our award-winning digital team specialize in building a marketing strategy that delivers Business Success for you. Customized, measurable performance campaign strategy is what you need right now. 

As a results & performance driven marketing agency, it’s our goal to deliver dedicated, client-centric solutions that work.

Programmatic Service by OctoPlus Media

Paid search (SEM)

  • Paid search (Google, Baidu, Yahoo!, and Bing)
  • Paid media planning 
  • Native ads and location-based ads

Programmatic display

Put the right video and display ads in front of the right audience, powered by both human expertise and AI.

APP promotion (CPI, ASO)

  • CPI: cost per installation
  • ASO: app store optimization (guaranteed ranking)
  • ASM: app store marketing

Paid social ads

Promote your brand and products through paid social ads (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter) and paid social ads in China (WeChat, Weibo, Douyin).

Google Training
OctoPlus's Co-Founder Mia Chen has 10 years of experience working with Google and now acting as Google's Trainer and Consultant to train agencies from the world better utilizing Google's smart marketing system. 

Google search engine marketing

Google is the No.1 search engine in the world. Actually, Google also has an extensive display network in China, even though Google search is disabled. Therefore, launching your Keywords or Display campaign on Google will help you find customers across different countries, even China.

Google Marketing Strategies include:

  • Google AdWords Search Ads 
  • Google Display 
  • Youtube Ads 
  • Doubleclick Programmatic Display 

Baidu search engine marketing

As the No.1 Search Engine in China, Baidu has more than 500 million users in China.  It has become Chinese’s route and a catch phrase that “Baidu it” to find anything they want. Launching your Organic and Paid presence on Baidu is definitely crucial for breaking into China market. 

Baidu Marketing Strategies include:

  • Baidu PPC Search Ads 
  • Baidu Display Ads 
  • Baidu Native Ads 
  • Baidu SEO 
Baidu Screen
WeChat advertising
4 advertising pillars on WeChat you need to leverage

WeChat ads total solution

Display banner ads

• Promoted campaign
• Promoted app
• Promoted account
• Appear at the end of Official Account articles

Moments (In-feed) ads

• In-feed ad options with multiple targeting parameters
• Text, image, video formats
• Appear in users’ News Feed

WeChat KOL advertising

• Influencer endorsements on their WeChat Official Accounts

Content and Community Management

• Official Subscription Account
• Official Service Account
• WeChat Official Account
• Content strategy
• WeChat community chat group

We are a team of experts

The OctoPlus team is passionate about creating innovative data-driven solutions that deliver.

Our founders have more than 10 years of experience in SEO, SEM and data analytics. Under their leadership, we have redefined the way that social media and influencer campaigns can be run to generate results for our clients.

Your one-stop digital marketing solution provider; we specialize in integrated marketing, branding, performance marketing and media relations.

Backed by our background in big data and marketing technologies, OctoPlus Media has successfully helped hundreds of companies improve the effectiveness of their marketing through AI technology.

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We share the same goal of taking your business to greater heights. Get in touch with us and drive results for your business now.

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