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Dianping - L'Oréal Paris

Help brands to promote their special promotions on DianPing
L'Oréal Paris Dianping l OctoPlus Media

Project Overview

  • Advertiser: L'Oréal Paris
  • Objective: Help brands to promote their special promotions on DianPing


  • Thousands of coupons have been redeemed and foot conversions have a significant increase during the promotion period.

What is DianPing?

Dianping, a Chinese online-to-offline life service platform, has connected 5.8 million active merchants with 400 million active consumers. It originated from a group-discount website which sells coupons or special deals from merchants, now has developed into full-fledged O2O eco-system, No.1 living guide for Chinese local and Chinese tourists abroad.

For more info about DianPing, check out our DianPing’s introduction here: https://www.octoplusmedia.com/how-to-attract-chinese-travelers-to-store-with-o2o-super-app/ 

Case Studies

We have a proven record for providing clients with effective marketing solutions.

    CSEO: Content + SEO
    More recommendations mean more sales

    Content Seeding SEO

    • Curated content: seeded conversations, seeded product reviews, WOM campaigns, PR news media, KOLs
    • Selected channels: news sites, major forums, popular Q&A platforms, vertical media outlets, industry and trade channels
    • Objective: driving seed visibility of selected keywords to the top of Baidu’s first SERP
    Consumers are four times more likely to buy upon WOM referrals

    Social WOM SEO

    • Xiaohongshu SSO: top 4-8 influencer posts under selected keywords
    • WeChat SEO: top ranking article or KOL post in WeChat search results
    • Zhihu: top ranking answer among all submitted answers
    What do Chinese consumers do before they buy?

    Don’t miss these Chinese WOM touchpoints

    Before committing to a purchase of a product, Chinese consumers typically check for social proof through past reviews and recommendations on Baidu and Xiaohongshu.

    OctoPlus Media is the first and only agency that offers CSEO – an exclusive digital marketing strategy that blends content seeding powered by SEO. We deliver marketing content to your intended audiences directly through product, forum and KOL content seeding on Baidu or Xiaohongshu, so that your business can maximize its brand awareness.

    The most popular search engine in China

    Just "Baidu it"

    500 million daily active users “Baidu it” when seeking recommendations

    The main source of information during the pre-travel planning stage

    The go-to source of information for shoppers on the go

    Harness the buying power of Chinese shoppers

    Better brand authority means more sales

    Integrate powerful content strategies with a targeted SEO approach

    Rank high on Baidu when customers search for recommendations

    The leading e-commerce social media platform in China and top cross-border e-commerce app

    A community of young shoppers

    Over 100 million users, most of whom are female

    Consumer-to-consumer e-Commerce marketing

    User-generated content including KOL and micro-influencer posts

    Most suited to travel, beauty, F&B and retail brands


    Also known as ‘Little Red Book’ or ‘RED’, it is one of the largest and fastest growing social e-commerce apps in China.

    It is also an ideal platform for brands whose target customers are Millennials and Gen Z.


    We are a team of experts

    The OctoPlus team is passionate about creating innovative data-driven solutions that deliver.

    Our founders have more than 10 years of experience in SEO, SEM and data analytics. Under their leadership, we have redefined the way that social media and influencer campaigns can be run to generate results for our clients.

    Your one-stop digital marketing solution provider; we specialize in integrated marketing, branding, performance marketing and media relations.

    Backed by our background in big data and marketing technologies, OctoPlus Media has successfully helped hundreds of companies improve the effectiveness of their marketing through AI technology.

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