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Successful Travel Livestreaming Case Studies in 2020

#1 Sands Resorts Macao x Ctrip’s Boss 

From 23 to 27 September, Sands Resorts Macao and Ctrip Travel have collaborated to promote the opening of Macau tourism after the pandemic.

Two live streaming sessions were held together, attracting more than 7.5 million fans.

(Left is Ctrip’s Chairman – Liang Jianzhang in the live streaming session held at Venetian Macao; center is Ctrip’s Vice President – Sun Tianxu; right is Sands China’s President – Wang Yingwei)


  • On September 23, the three bosses jointly completed the "Ctrip Boss Live" event at The Venetian Macao, introducing and promoting the Sands Resorts Macao and the travel products and discounts of Sands Macao for online users.
  • Liang Jianzhang played the role of Venice’s "Gondola Boatman" in the live streaming session and sang the fun song "Oh! My Macau”, which adapted from the famous Italian opera. The cordial image narrows the distance with the audience.
  • The duration of the live streaming session was 2 hours and held on 4 platforms using the same machine, which is on the Ctrip App, WeChat Live, Weibo Live, and JD Live. A total of 5.711 million fans watched the live streaming session with the total sales volume of GMV exceeded 65.34 million and the total number of orders reached 35,821.

#2 Sands Resorts Macao x Ctrip’s Boss – Second Live Streaming

In the second live streaming session was on 26 September and held at The Venetian Macao and The Parisian Macao.

The theme was “Macau Free Tour, Special Price at Sands” and hosted by the Vice President of Ctrip Group – Sun Tianxu and China’s top travel KOLs.

During the live streaming session, the hosts visit the entertainment facilities and hotel suites in the resort, while recommending the hotel accommodation packages and related discounts under the Sands Resorts Macao to the audience.

#3 Sands Resorts Macao x Ctrip’s Boss

According to the big data report released by Ctrip in July, the “Ctrip Boss Live” series that hosted by Ctrip’s Chairman – Liang Jianzhang to tour various scenic spots across the country for promotion has accumulated GMV (total turnover) of 1.1 billion yuan, a product verification rate of nearly 50%, and has brought more than one million rooms to thousands of luxury hotels in 4 months and 6 days.

#4 New Century Hotels

On May 26, Chen Miaolin-the founder of New Century Hotel Group has his first live streaming session in Moganshan Senbo Water Park. The live streaming session broadcasted through Taobao, Fliggy, Alipay and Youku. The 3 hours session has attracted 2.66 million people.

Although it was the first live streaming of Chen Miaolin, who is nearly 70 years old, he can face the camera with ease. He did the summer cosplay and hula dance on the spot. In order to better display the products, Mr. Chen also personally experienced extreme projects such as the zip line and the rapids river.

#5 Fliggy Live Streaming

In early February, Fliggy launched a series of live streaming activities to build brands, grow word-of-mouth, and accumulate fans, building a solid foundation for subsequent demand outbreaks. Besides, the direct conversion in the live streaming can help promotes the recovery of travel businesses.

In order to show the national style of the hotel, the hotel hosts dressed in traditional clothing – Hanfu and tour around the hotel, introducing Shaoxing special cuisine, shows the millennium ancient village where the hotel is located to the audience. In just two hours of live streaming, the number of likes exceeded 170,000. After a week, the fans of New Century Hotel Group increased by nearly 45%.

International hotel groups such as Marriott, Accor, and Shangri-La have transformed into “Mukbang” on Fliggy Live. Chefs in five-star hotels live stream the cooking process. Some chefs even accumulated some fans due to their strong personality.

#6 Douyin (TikTok) Live Streaming l Ctrip

On March 23, in the live streaming studio of Ctrip’s official Douyin account – “Ctrip Travel”, their boss – Liang Jianzhang started his first live streaming session at the Atlantis Hotel in Sanya. Not only selling goods, Liang Jianzhang also interacted with different Douyin anchors.

1st image is the engagement between Liang Jianzhang and the anchor; 2nd image is the hotel packages sold


  • Interaction with Douyin KOL anchor in Ctrip's live streaming studio has brought more traffic
  • Liang Jianzhang generated a total of 1 million transactions in half an hour even before the live streaming starts
  • The transaction volume reached 3.5 million as live streaming broadcasted to 50 minutes
  • By the end of the 1-hour live streaming session, Liang Jianzhang sold a total of 10-million-yuan worth of tourism products.

#7 Meituan Dianping

With reference to the data of Galaxy Macau and Studio City Macau, the collaboration in live streaming has a direct boost to fans, exposure, and transaction volume.


  • Campaign Duration4 days (9.14 - 9.18)
  • Live Viewers22,000 (1 hour of live streaming)
  • Number of FansIncreased by 28% on the live streaming day
  • Campaign Duration11 days (10.5 - 10.16)
  • Live Viewers37,500 (4-hour of live streaming)
  • Number of FansIncreased by 86% during the campaign
  • Transaction Rate69% (About 200+ rooms sold on the day of the live broadcast, 600% gourmet group purchase and 150+ tickets

#8 Bilibili Live Streaming

On April 15, about one million people watched the McDonald’s new product launch online on the Bilibili platform, which was broadcast live for 24 hours.


  • Zhang Jiayin, CEO of McDonald's China, joined the live streaming studio of Bilibili, which also the first live streaming session of McDonald’s.
  • McDonald's is well versed in the attention and interest of young people. In the 24-hour live streaming, they arranged a lot of creative content, and invited different guests like programmers and KOLs for interaction.
  • McDonald’s also designed a variety of chicken-eating styles, such as "to eat chicken secretly during work", and "laying flat to eat chicken".
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