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WeChat Advertising l Beauty Brand | POLA

WeChat Ads - Pola
WeChat Ads - Pola


Project Overview

  • Advertiser: Pola, Japan well-know beauty brand
  • Overview: By using the coverage of WeChat Moments and the ability to accurately reach, we targeted Pola’s customer groups and combine member discount activities to achieve new membership.

Content Angle

Content Marketing

  • Target people who interested in high-end skin care and beauty, combining the bonus points and gifts for Pola members. With the original promotion page button to jump to the WeChat applet of registered members;

  • Combine with Christmas marketing and created the WeChat advertising using “video interaction“. Highlighting the key point of WeChat advertising promotion-Pola member activities and attracting the target audience to click on the ad



    • Successfully attracted potential users of Pola to register as members through WeChat Moments ads to WeChat Mini Program.
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