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Xiaohongshu Account Management Case Study: Wellcome Hong Kong

OctoPlus Supports Wellcome Hong Kong for the entry of Xiaohongshu

OctoPlus 小红书案例分享-惠康 Wellcome


Project Overview

  • Advertiser: Wellcome Hong Kong
  • Objective: To create brand awareness and increase engagement with users from Xiaohongshu. Collaborate with Hong Kong celebrity to increase the brand influence among the industry.



  • Attracted intense discussion among Xiaohongshu users, gaining over 3,000 followers and over 30,000 views immediately after going live, along with thousands of heated comments from users with the support of OctoPlus Media.
  • Collaborated with Hong Kong celebrity Matthew Ko, releasing a store exploration video, and published a series of promotional content
Wellcome Xiaohongshu Account
Wellcome Xiaohongshu - Celebrity Collaboration
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