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Zhihu CSEO Marketing Enhance Higher Education Brands Exposure & Recognition

Increase brand awareness and attract the attention of the target audience and gained positive word-of-mouth.
Zhihu CSEO - Higher Education
Zhihu CSEO - Higher Education



Increase the brand awareness of many higher education brands by providing answers (content seeding) under the popular articles on Zhihu and optimize accordingly to maintain the answer on the top 3 ranking of the question.




      • The rankings are stable at the top 3 during the optimization period.

      • CSEO optimization makes the answer highly exposed and achieved an excellent brand exposure effect

      • The article provided the answers and case studies, which helped to gain user’s interest


Content angles

    • What kind of experience is it like to study MBA after working for several years?
    • Bioinformatics or Medical/Health Informatics, which has better job prospects?
    • How much do local companies recognize Hong Kong’s university MSC (master’s degree)?
    • The difference between before and after study MBA course
    • What is the experience to study Part-time MBA?
    • What is the requirement to apply for MBA?


SEO keyword 

  • The answer ranked Top 2 among all answers within the month of optimization
Zhihu CSEO - Higher Education
Zhihu CSEO - Higher Education 3
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