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Search engine marketing

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What is PPC? | A quick introduction to pay-per-click marketing

Do you know why search ads have such high ROI?

Paid search: search engine marketing

It’s because you can see Search Engine as the real time trading platform connecting your customer’s need with your product or services. Our job is to use our expertise and in-depth insights to create strategic SEM campaigns to generate sales and leads with maximized efficiency. 

We have more than 10+ years experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing: Paid Search, PPC: Pay Per Click Marketing). We have experts across both Global (Google Bing Yahoo) and China Local Search Engines (Baidu Sogou 360 Shenma).

Google search engine marketing

Google is the No.1 search engine in the world. Actually, Google also has an extensive display network in China, even though Google search is disabled. Therefore, launching your Keywords or Display campaign on Google will help you find customers across different countries, even China.

Google Marketing Strategies include:

  • Google AdWords Search Ads 
  • Google Display 
  • Youtube Ads 
  • Doubleclick Programmatic Display 
Google Training
OctoPlus's Co-Founder Mia Chen has 10 years of experience working with Google and now acting as Google's Trainer and Consultant to train agencies from the world better utilizing Google's smart marketing system. 
Baidu Screen

Baidu search engine marketing

As the No.1 Search Engine in China, Baidu has more than 500 million users in China.  It has become Chinese’s route and a catch phrase that “Baidu it” to find anything they want. Launching your Organic and Paid presence on Baidu is definitely crucial for breaking into China market. 

Baidu Marketing Strategies include:

  • Baidu PPC Search Ads 
  • Baidu Display Ads 
  • Baidu Native Ads 
  • Baidu SEO 
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Baidu Certified Senior Marketing Consultant

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SEM Service by OctoPlus Media

SEM Service by OctoPlus Media

SEM Service by OctoPlus Media

SEM Service by OctoPlus Media

We are a team of experts

OctoPlus Team has a collection of technical, data-driven and creative experts who have the passion to deliver ideas that work. 

Our founders are all from 10 years SEO SEM and Data Analytics background, that’s why we revamped how social media and influencer campaign is done and added Result Driven foundation to all the campaigns we carried out. 

We are a one-stop digital marketing solution provider, which focused on integrated marketing, branding, performance marketing and media relations.

With years of experience in big data and marketing technology, OctoPlus Media has successfully served hundreds of companies through AI technology to improve marketing effectiveness solutions.

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