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Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Xiaohongshu Account "Newbie Guide"

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A 0-to-1 Strategy for Xiaohongshu (RED) Account Operation

01 Clear Positioning
• Choose a vertical field for your account’s clear positioning.
Combine two principles: interested field + skilled field.
Select an area you’re both interested in and skilled at to create consistent content.

02 Account Identity
• Use distinctive information to make your account memorable.
Name: Keep it simple and related to your field.
Profile Picture: Use an image relevant to your niche and memorable.
Bio: Craft a one-sentence introduction that conveys your content direction.
Tags: Clearly define your identity, such as student, professional, illustrator.

03 Account Interactions
After setting up the account, don’t rush to post content. Focus on interactions.
→ Spend half an hour daily browsing content in your niche.
→ Like, collect, or comment on notes to increase account activity.
! Avoid any actions violating the platform’s rules.

04 Topic Reserves
• Build up a week’s worth of topic ideas through these steps.
→ Follow high-quality accounts in your niche, collect popular notes, and gather interaction data.
→ Search for popular keywords in your field, filter by popularity, and compile notes from top rankings.
→ Identify unique, less explored topics with potential for quality content.

05 Content Planning
1 Titles + Thumbnails
Titles and thumbnails determine click-through rates. Refer to titles and thumbnails of quality content to create an enticing “front cover”.

2 Note Content + Hashtags
→ Keep note content under 500 words as Little Red Book emphasizes fast-paced reading.
→ Use plain language close to users and easily understandable.
! Check for prohibited words after writing to avoid risks.

3 Posting Frequency + Timing
Boost account credibility through consistent updates, valuable content.
→ Suggest posting at least one note daily for 30 days.
→ Publish notes in the morning, afternoon, and evening to test traffic.
→ Determine the best posting times through testing according to different niches.

06 Regular Review
• Review data for each note to optimize content and account development.
→ Analyze feedback like click-through rate, comments, and followers gained.
→ Identify strengths and weaknesses of each note.
→ Continuously improve topic selection and operational techniques.

07 Experimental Mindset
Personal judgments might differ from user or market preferences. Experiments help optimize account operations and create viral content.
→ Embrace an experimental mindset.
→ Study viral notes and don’t fear trying new approaches.
→ Build virality through ongoing comparison and testing.

New Account Must-Know Information (FAQ for Growing Xiaohongshu Account)

01 What is account growth, and its purpose?
The purpose of account growth is to enhance account activity, allowing the platform to recognize your account’s niche. This ensures more accurate note recommendations in the future. After publishing notes, the system initially assigns broad tags for broader user recommendation. Users’ interactions generate a CES score that influences the likelihood of note continuation.

*CES = Likes x 1 + Collects x 1 + Comments x 4 + Shares x 4 + Followers x 8

02 How do I operate for account growth?
In essence, interact more, browse Little Red Book often, and act like an active user by liking and commenting naturally to maintain activity.
(1) Spend 20 minutes browsing content in your niche at different times of the day.
(2) Like at least 20 notes daily in your niche.
(3) Comment on at least 20 notes daily in your niche.
(4) Collect at least 20 notes daily in your niche.
(5) Follow at least 20 accounts daily in your niche.
Note: Interact with a note completely (browse, like, follow, collect) before moving to the next.

03 How else can I increase account credibility?
(1) Account duration and quality are positively correlated.
Longer account duration over 15 days results in higher credibility.
(2) Higher Little Red Potato levels increase credibility.
Complete level-up tasks as prompted to enhance your level and credibility.

04 What other actions should I consider for account growth?
(1) Limit the ratio of commercial notes.
Keep commercial notes under 20% of total notes.
(2) Avoid prohibited words or sensitive content.
For all content types (images, text, videos), make sure to adhere to platform rules.
(3) Avoid frequently switching accounts.
Avoid frequent account switching on the same device to prevent being flagged as a “water army”.
(4) Do not artificially inflate likes.
Interact normally with notes and popular topics, but avoid artificially inflating likes.


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