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Tencent Smart Retail – 2019 High-end Beauty Consumption Whitepaper

Female consumers’ purchasing tendency has always been the weathervane of business marketing. With the improvement of living standards, high-end beauty products have become something attainable to many female consumers in China. Who knows the market best can seize the business opportunity. The OctoPlus team recommends you download and read “2019 High-end Beauty Consumption Whitepaper” for market insights.

Key findings:

  1. High-end beauty users are scattered among all age groups. The main focus of purchase is between 26-40 years old. They have high education, but they are not concentrated in high-income people. In addition to white-collar workers, students are also the main force of high-end beauty. In addition, the ratio of beauty users in first- and second-tier cities is high, and users in the third- and fourth-tier cities have huge purchasing potential.
  2. The efficacy and price of high-end beauty products are the core driving force for users to purchase and they become the kinetic energy of the purchase stage.
  3. High-end beauty users make purchases through three channel types: online, offline and online/offline. Followed by e-commerce leaders and beauty brand official websites, offline department store counters accounted for the highest proportion.
  4. WeChat has become an important channel for obtaining beauty information, and the brand official account has become an important means for users to obtain brand and product information. WeChat has started to link up offline store and brand users. It has become a tool for brands to maintain customer relationships.
  5. Four types of high-end beauty user analysis, revealing different kinds of characteristics such as different types of users’ purchasing needs, preferences, and channels.
Tencent Smart Retail – 2019 High-end Beauty Consumption Whitepaper
Tencent Smart Retail – 2019 High-end Beauty Consumption Whitepaper
Tencent Smart Retail – 2019 High-end Beauty Consumption Whitepaper

For more information, download the full report from here.

The deck is “2019 High-end Beauty Consumption Whitepaper” by Tencent Smart Retails.

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