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WeChat Eco-system Research 2019 Report organized by OctoPlus Media

2019 WeChat Eco-system Research Report organized by OctoPlus Media

How small and medium enterprises (SME) build their own private traffic with the help of WeChat official accounts at low cost? How can advertisers reach the KOL accounts that have high conversion rate? We have summarized the main take aways from 2019 WeChat Eco-system Research Report by Xigua Data. Feel free to download the paper at the bottom of the article.

Main insights:

The ecosystem of WeChat is stabilizing, diversify content improved the reading experience. Official accounts are shifting from increasing traffic to maintaining the traffic, private traffic is under the spotlight by all advertisers.

Time spent on WeChat App is maintaining at 42.3%, it’s has been a habit for users to read in WeChat and the number of postings from official accounts are quite stable. Number of times read has slightly increased, the average number of times read are 5000+, “Wow” function has brought content sharing and social status together.

Images and text occupied the main market, number of WeChat enterprise accounts are growing rapidly.

There are 3 marketing solutions for WeChat official accounts, which are advertising, e-commerce and monetize private traffic.

Advertisers focus on product efficiency, ads buying model has been upgraded, ad spend have doubled. As compared to the second half of last year, ad spend from WeChat official accounts has increased more than 1.5%. Educational advertisements like training and instruments occupied 25% of the ad spend.

The evolution from e-commerce to social commerce is bringing direct conversion from the ads. Based on WeChat official data, the trading volume from “Mini Programs” in the first half of 2019 is 27 times higher as compared to last year. In the past 1-year, official account of e-commerce has increased rapidly, among them, JD.com has growth rate of 128% in the first half of the year and youzan.com has growth rate of 121%.

For more details, please download the full report from here.

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