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WeChat Launches WeChat Search Ads! Newest WeChat Ad Targeting Keywords Search

From 20 October, WeChat Search Ads has officially launched! It is an advertisement displayed on the WeChat search result page based on the WeChat ecosystem. Buying method is based on performance (CPC).

WeChat Search Ads | OctoPlus Media

WeChat Search Ads - Search Entry

There are four main types of entrances:-

  • Global search – keyboard SUG/ search discovery/ search history

  • Discovery search – discovery search recommendations

  • Tag search – conversation entry #tag#, tag click in Moments feeds, tag click in Moments comments

  • Fingertip search – conversational full-text search, conversational word search, Moments fingertips text search, H5 fingertips search and third party H5 initiated search


Global Search

Discovery Search

WECHAT SEARCH ADS - tag search and fingertips search

WeChat Search Ads - Ads Introduction

The ad includes a title, description, ad image and brand name. 

WeChat Search Ad Introduction | OctoPlus Media

WeChat Search Ads - Promotion Page

  • There are different variety of promotion page options for different promotion goals to achieve the marketing goal more efficiently.

  • Native promotion page/mini program/custom link (including trails, etc.)
WeChat Search Ads Promotion Page Types | OctoPlus Media

Ad Objectives and Bidding

Bidding method: Support CPC/oCPC bidding, advertisers can choose according to their own needs and requirements.

  • CPC bidding: calculated according to clicks, supports bidding based on keyword granularity and is more flexible;

  • oCPC bidding: can customize the optimization goal of the advertisement based on the actual promotion needs, and then set a bid for the optimization goal. The system will intelligently optimize the delivery to accurately reach users with high conversion rates.
WeChat Search Ad - Promotion objective and bidding

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