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Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) Enterprise Certification: Essential Qualifications Revealed

What qualifications are required for overseas brand Xiaohongshu enterprise certification❓

If brands want to join Xiaohongshu and become a Xiaohongshu enterprise professional account, to meet various business activity needs, how should they certify their accounts? First, you can start by finding the corresponding industry! OctoPlus has already found all 24 industries’ enterprise account certification qualifications for you!

Xiaohongshu enterprise professional account certification categories:

✅ 1. Beauty and Personal Care
✅ 2. Apparel and Accessories
✅ 3. 3C and Electronics
✅ 4. Catering
✅ 5. Travel and Tourism
✅ 6. Real Estate
✅ 7. Industry and Agriculture
✅ 8. Internet
✅ 9. Home Furnishings and Building Materials
✅ 10. Transportation
✅ 11. Education and Training
✅ 12. Finance
✅ 13. Maternity and Baby
✅ 14. Automotive
✅ 15. Daily Necessities
✅ 16. Business Services
✅ 17. Lifestyle Services
✅ 18. Food and Beverage
✅ 19. Hobbies/Handmade Toys
✅ 20. Telecommunications
✅ 21. Culture and Media
✅ 22. Sports and Entertainment
✅ 23. Medical and Health
✅ 24. Gaming

⚠ Some industries cannot conduct business without qualifications and licenses.

Xiaohongshu prohibited industry

Xiaohongshu common industry certification requirements:

1. Foot massage, beauty, hairdressing, bathing – “Hygiene Operation Permit”
2. Catering, food operation – “Food Business License”
3. Medical equipment – “Medical Device Business License” (Class II, Class III)
4. Transportation – “Road Transport Permit”
5. Labor dispatch, talent leasing – “Labor Dispatch License”
6. Vocational intermediaries, headhunting companies, online recruitment – “Human Resources License”
7. Telecommunications equipment – “Telecommunications Equipment Internet Access Permit”
8. Basic telecommunications services and value-added telecommunications services – “IDC Operating License”
9. Internet companies (such as e-commerce) – “ICP License” “EDI License”
10. Publishing houses – “Publication License”
11. Printing industry – “Printing Business License”
12. Production-oriented enterprises – “Production License”
13. Express delivery companies – “Express Delivery Business License”, “Road Transport Business License”
14. Tobacco industry – “Tobacco Monopoly Retail License”
15. Enterprises engaged in the production, manufacture, and sale of hazardous chemicals – “Hazardous Chemicals Business License”

Chinese Version: 小红书常见行业认证资质要求

3、医疗器械——《医疗器械经营许可证》 (二类、三类)

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