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Xiaohongshu Marketing: Content is Key - Crafting Viral Posts for Xiaohongshu Success

The formula for viral posts on overseas brands on Xiaohognshu (Little Red Book) has been found❗

If overseas brands want to further penetrate the Chinese market:
✅ Expand brand marketing through Xiaohongshu operations
✅ Expand cross-border e-commerce business by content seeding on Xiaohongshu
Both require high-quality content to attract user attention👀

And good content is the cornerstone of viral posts, as well as the ammunition for traffic products.
In Xiaohongshu brand marketing, viral post notes mean high exposure + continuous long-tail traffic, thereby increasing brand-related search heat and content seeding conversion.

Xiaohongshu content strategy: Targeted Content-seeding users

⭐ Solve practical problems or provide emotional value ⭐

1. User-led search behavior
Target customers with clear needs, focusing on search behavior.
Matching note content types:
Category, efficacy, style, color…
Target consumers of a certain category often have clear preferences for categories, efficacy, style, color, etc. In terms of content deployment, you can directly create content around category words + benefits.

2. User-led browsing behavior
Potential customers with vague needs, focusing on browsing behavior
Matching note content types:
Specific scenarios, tutorial dry goods, plot-oriented…
Potential consumers usually have low demand for a certain category/industry, and it is difficult to reach them with brand words/product words/category words. Usually, it is necessary to use scenario-based content to softly content seeding.

🔑TIPS: For commercial notes to achieve better grass-planting effects, it is recommended to align the content format with native UGC content. Stay informed and make good use of hot topics, combining commercial content with in-site hot topics to have a better chance of creating explosive commercial notes.

Xiaohongshu content seeding selection strategy

⭐ Optimize content granularity ⭐

Universal topic formula
✔ Cleverly combine content quadrants
Based on product selling points, combine and match topic elements. The more elements, the finer the content granularity. However, too many elements can lead to unfocused content.

✔ It is recommended to choose 2~4 quadrants
Example: Early spring student party affordable moisturizing collection, autumn and winter part-time worker office desk essentials.

Key elements of high-quality Xiaohongshu content seeding

1. Hot trends
Community hot topics, category-related hot words, popular content seeding scenes, etc.

2. Content topics
① Practical value (dry goods collection, experience tutorial)
② Emotional value (real stories, high-value people/things/scenery, heartfelt/funny plots)

3. Cover
① Cover form (single picture/mosaic)
② Cover ratio (3:4/1:1/4:3)
③ Cover keywords

4. Title
① Embedding hot words to drive traffic
② Evoke curiosity to increase clicks
③ Address pain points to find resonance
④ Focus on specific scenes
⑤ Use functional demand words more often

5. Content details
Details image/video, body copy, maintenance of positive/negative comments

How to optimize Xiaohongshu note titles?

1. Make good use of keywords and highlight key points
✔ Helps with system distribution and recommendation
✔ Users can easily get key information

2. Appropriately add numbers to the title
✔ Intuitive information to capture attention
✔ Increase content credibility

3. Use titles to interact with users
✔ Evoke user curiosity
✔ Increase note interaction rate

4. Get close to users and evoke resonance
✔ Identity/regional resonance
✔ Enhance user empathy

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